There is no cover charge for Entertainment so we ask you to please show your support by patronizing the establishment and tipping the staff. Try to make it in every week if you can. Having many singers is great but doesn't do any good if they each come out only once every 2 months. Also, just showing up to sing doesn't help, you have to spend a few bucks too. We could have a packed house every Karaoke night but if the registers aren't ringing, our success, and our karaoke night is going to be short lived. 
We go out of our way to create food and drink specials for our karaoke crowd. If everyone has dinner or a snack at the club and a couple of drinks each week we will be guaranteed to be successful. If everyone sits at the bar or table and sips one Diet Coke for four hours we are going to fail, it's that simple. 

Every venue has a one purchase minimum policy, so please do not ask for free water, unless you are also purchasing something else! If you don’t drink alcohol, bottled water, juice and soda are available for purchase. Some venues have a "sharing" charge of $3.00 so please do not order one $5 pizza and share it with 3 other people. The purpose of our specials is to give each person a low cost alternative to the regular menu and it is not meant to be abused by sharing.

TIPPING is important. Wait staff are paid low wages and make most of their salary from your tips. We want the staff to be happy so that they give the owner positive feedback about us. Negative feedback from the staff to management will always doom a Karaoke night. General rule 20% tip, (or $5 minimum tip whichever is greater), but if you’ve been sitting in the same spot for hours, please add more to it. 20% per hour is acceptable. Keep in mind that if you were at a restaurant, you would be leaving immediately after you ate and other people would sit down. In four hours, that one table could generate four large tips from four different parties. 

Come hungry and bring some friends with you to the club, every little bit helps.  

We are bringing you the best entertainment, food and beverage experience at a great price with no cover charge so please reciprocate. 

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