A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., Bobby’s been in the music business for many years. Being musically inclined very early in life, by age 14 Bobby eventually started playing keyboards and singing with local dance bands at church dances. Upon entering City College of N.Y., Bobby majored in music and took jazz piano lessons. It was in college that he put together his first working jazz trio with two fellow classmates. After a short succesful run playing local bars in Manhattan, they decided to expand the band and by the summer of 1974 it became a full fledged “Disco” dance band consisting of four musicians and a female singer. Bobby remained the musical director of that band for 13 years until 1987. “In The Flesh” was one of the tri-state area’s most succesful bands ever, working many local dance clubs, casinos and special events.

Having studied electronics at Brooklyn Technical High School, Bobby has always filled the "sound man" role in every band he's been in,  In 1987 began work as an audio technician in Atlantic City. Being both a musician and a “tech”, Bobby is known for having put together a great sounding DJ system, and Karaoke singers always comment on how well they sound using it. Besides having a state of the art sound system, Bobby has amassed nearly 100,000 karaoke songs to choose from, from classic forties and fifties all the way up to Y2K hip hop songs.

Bobby himself has a voice that spans many different styles covering a wide variety of songs from the Duprees’ “You Belong To me” to Jay and the Americans’ “Come a Little Bit Closer”, Sinatra’s “Summer Wind”, Kenny Loggins’ “Footloose”, Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right”, Nelly’s “Hot in Herre”, Harry Connick's "It Had To Be You" and Toto's "Africa" to name just a few.

Bobby also has a massive collection of regular music to dance to, and is a well accomplished beat mixing DJ who can keep a dance floor going non stop with songs ranging from classic 70’s disco and funk to all the latest club, house, techno and urban hip hop tunes. He will often times mix the night up doing karaoke and dance music, keeping everyone interested and having a good time.
Bobby has hosted Karaoke shows in the South Jersey area for many years, at both private events and also extended engagements at many area local bars and restaurants.

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